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Floating Pumps Bypass Floodwaters, Save Louisiana Parish Homes

Heavy winter storm tolls lessened by unique floating pump solution.

Heavy winter rains flooded a swollen levy and lock drainage system outside Baton Rouge Louisiana. Floodwaters rose more than 10 feet, reached homes and threatened residents. Additional winter storms were expected and the water would not drain fast enough.

Parish officials reached out to Rain for Rent to help design a pumping system that would accelerate the draining process and protect homes and infrastructure from severe floodwaters.

A system utilizing two floating FP1050 axial pumps removed more than 96,000 GPM of floodwater from the aging systems of levies and locks. The floating dewatering system operated 24-hours a day for three weeks straight, reducing water levels from the 14 feet of floodwater back to normal levels.

Additional winter storms no longer threatened residents, allowing officials to focus on developing a long term solution and not the water at their doorsteps.

Having partnered with the parish previously with this and other pumping projects, Rain for Rent has become their go-to source for temporary pump, dewatering and bypass needs.

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